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  • When content is released, it will typically be at 9:00am Mountain Time on Monday mornings (see time conversion chart below for other time zones).
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Additional Information

All music on the podcast was written and created by Chase Precopia, who also does the audio editing and mastering for the podcast, starting with episode 3.

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For more information on the host, Jacob Haimes, you can visit my portfolio.

Time Conversion Table
Timezone Time UTC Equiv
Australian Central Daylight Time 01:30 (Tuesday) +10.5
China Standard Time 23:00 +8
India Standard Time 20:30 +5.5
Israel Standard Time 17:00 +2
Greenwich Time 15:00 +0
Eastern Daylight Time 11:00 -4
Mountain Daylight Time 09:00 -6
Pacific Dayight Time 08:00 -7