Join me for round 2 with Dr. Peter Park, an AI Existential Safety Postdoctoral Fellow working with Dr. Max Tegmark at MIT. Dr. Park was a cofounder of StakeOut.AI, a non-profit focused on making AI go well for humans, along with Harry Luk and one other individual, whose name has been removed due to requirements of her current position.

In addition to the normal links, I wanted to include the links to the petitions that Dr. Park mentions during the podcast. Note that the nonprofit which began these petitions, StakeOut.AI, has been dissolved.
Right AI Laws, to Right Our Future: Support Artificial Intelligence Safety Regulations Now
Is Deepfake Illegal? Not Yet! Ban Deepfakes to Protect Your Family & Demand Deepfake Laws
Ban Superintelligence: Stop AI-Driven Human Extinction Risk


00:00:54 - Intro
00:02:34 - Battleground 1: Copyright
00:06:28 - Battleground 2: Moral Critique of AI Collaborationists
00:08:15 - Rich Sutton
00:20:41 - OpenAI Drama
00:34:28 - Battleground 3: Contract Negotiations for AI Ban Clauses
00:37:57 - Tesla, Autopilot, and FSD
00:40:02 - Recycling
00:47:40 - Battleground 4: New Laws and Policies
00:50:00 - Battleground 5: Whistleblower Protections
00:53:07 - Whistleblowing on Microsoft
00:54:43 - Andrej Karpathy & Exercises in Empathy
01:05:57 - Outro

Links to all articles/papers which are mentioned throughout the episode can be found below, in order of their appearance.