As always, the best things come in 3s: dimensions, musketeers, pyramids, and… 3 installments of my interview with Dr. Peter Park, an AI Existential Safety Post-doctoral Fellow working with Dr. Max Tegmark at MIT.

As you may have ascertained from the previous two segments of the interview, Dr. Park cofounded StakeOut.AI along with Harry Luk and one other cofounder whose name has been removed due to requirements of her current position. The non-profit had a simple but important mission: make the adoption of AI technology go well, for humanity, but unfortunately, StakeOut.AI had to dissolve in late February of 2024 because no granter would fund them. Although it certainly is disappointing that the organization is no longer functioning, all three cofounders continue to contribute positively towards improving our world in their current roles.

If you would like to investigate further into Dr. Park’s work, view his website, Google Scholar, or follow him on Twitter!


00:00:54 ❙ Intro
00:02:41 ❙ Rapid development
00:08:25 ❙ Provable safety, safety factors, & CSAM
00:18:50 ❙ Litigation
00:23:06 ❙ Open/Closed Source
00:38:52 ❙ AIxBio
00:47:50 ❙ Scientific rigor in AI
00:56:22 ❙ AI deception
01:02:45 ❙ No takesies-backsies
01:08:22 ❙ StakeOut.AI’s start
01:12:53 ❙ Sustainability & Agency
01:18:21 ❙ “I’m sold, next steps?” -you
01:23:53 ❙ Lessons from the amazing Spiderman
01:33:15 ❙ “I’m ready to switch careers, next steps?” -you
01:40:00 ❙ The most important question
01:41:11 ❙ Outro

Links to all articles/papers which are mentioned throughout the episode can be found below, in order of their appearance.