Take a trip with me through the paper Large Language Models, A Survey, published on February 9th of 2024. All figures and tables mentioned throughout the episode can be found on the Into AI Safety podcast website.


00:36 - Intro and authors
01:50 - My takes and paper structure
04:40 - Getting to LLMs
07:27 - Defining LLMs & emergence
12:12 - Overview of PLMs
15:00 - How LLMs are built
18:52 - Limitations if LLMs
23:06 - Uses of LLMs
25:16 - Evaluations and Benchmarks
28:11 - Challenges and future directions
29:21 - Recap & outro

Diagram of LLM capabilities Timeline of important LLM frameworks Diagram of LLM families Diagram of paper structure Diagram of how LLMs are built Table overview of popular LLMs Diagram of LLM uses and augmentations Diagram of dataset applications Histogram demonstrating number of datasets with various licenses table overview of LLM datasets Diagram of LLM categorizations A table defining categories of LLMs followed by a table of the categories that various LLMs belong to Table comparing LLM scores on world knowledge datasets Table comparing LLM scores on coding capability datasets Table comparing LLM scores on arithmetic reasoning datasets Table comparing fallacy evaluations performance for various LLMs
Gallery of the most useful figures and tables in the paper “Large Language Models, a Survey”

Links to all articles/papers which are mentioned throughout the episode can be found below, in order of their appearance.